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      3. 产品详细


          油压加压式密炼机 Hydraulic Pressurized Kneader

          1.     本机采用油压缸加压方式,相对于气缸运行噪音小;

          2.     胶料受压力均衡,能有效提高各种小料的分散度,增强各种混炼胶的质量;

          3.     减少动力源,节省成本,提高市场竞争力。

          1. The machine adopts the hydraulic cylinder pressurizing mode, and the noise is relatively small with respect to the cylinder;

          2. The pressure of the rubber material is balanced, which can effectively improve the dispersion of various small materials and enhance the quality of various rubber compounds.

          3. Reduce power sources, save costs and increase market competitiveness.

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